MNSSH, originally Joshua Migura, broke into the scene with the Mixtape “Recycled” he released in a collaboration with DJ Seip in 2014.
Starting out as Manasseh his desire was to use a unique artist name resulting in removing the vowels and creating the stage name MNSSH.
Essentially still pronounced the same, MNSSH comes from the Hebrew language meaning “causing to forget” which resembles overcoming his difficult past and looking into a brighter future.
He is most known for the single “Like the Fugees” with DJ Seip, which got him placed in multiple radio and digital charts including iTunes and reaching Top 5 on the German MTV Urban Charts.

Born in Kitwe, Zambia on October 19th, 1992, his family moved to Germany four years after. He spent a year in the UK at the age of 5 before moving back to Berlin, Germany and settling there.
In order to maintain his english, his parents signed him up to an

international school, where he then discovered his passion for music in late 2004. Being an outcast throughout his elementary and teenage years he struggled with insecurities and other mental difficulties. Initially inspired by EMINEM and 50 Cent, diving into music and stage performance enhanced his confidence and helped him become the person he is today, giving him the drive to inspire others with a similar background through his art.

He converted to christianity early on in life around the age of 5 which influenced his lifestyle and can be heard in his music.

His lyrics mostly emphasise religion, success and fashion reflecting his lifestyle, goals and surroundings. The songs often include a heavy 808 boom and minor key elements.

After choking in front of the entire school assembly in 2007 at his first live show, he developed his performance skill and is now recognised for his energetic appearance and outstanding stage performance. He has performed live with artists like Kid Ink and Bibi

Bourelly enjoying sponsorships by rising fashion brands Infatué Clothing and Hustling Spirit.

In late 2010 MNSSH reunited with DJ Seip, who was his former classmate in middle school, to start a long lasting musical collaboration.
Together with L.A. based singer Devonte they founded Soul Kingz Records under which most official releases are made. After celebrating first successes with the label, MNSSH decided to leave the board and focus on his musical path in 2016, remaining as a collaborative artist of Soul Kingz Records.

MNSSH has worked with global artists both on record releases and live in concerts. Featuring the New Zealand artist Jay Samson, he released the single “Throwin’ Hunnids” in 2016 followed by a guest appearance on another DJ Seip production “Get Up” with Devonte.

He has been living in Hamburg, Germany for the past eight years and most recently moved back to Berlin with new projects and goals for the world of music and entertainment. The time in Hamburg helped MNSSH to improve his lyrics and style, providing a network of promoters and artists that helped him establish a presence throughout the north of Germany. He has a promising career ahead of him and is the artist that has come to stay.

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